I read in this weekend’s Sunday Chronicle that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Louisiana’s Sea Grant program are asking for the public’s help to report any tagged blue crabs to These will be any mature female blue crabs with an orange tag tied to their shell by stainless […]

Calling All Chicken Neckers!

I hooked up to a 4+ foot shark while surf fishing this past weekend. It was so much fun reeling it in, and the actual sport of land based shark fishing (LBSF) is one I enjoy immensely. And for several reasons. I don’t actually enjoy eating shark, though I know […]

Shark Identification-The Challenge & The Humor

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If you’re a regular reader, ya’ll know I’ve talked about peeing while kayaking and other forms of sportfishing. But so far I’ve yet to tackle the second, or “number 2” challenge of evacuating personal waste while on the water… So this should be all kinds of gross fun! This is […]

The “Other” Mud In The Kayak

So you took my advice on how to choose the right kayak guide for you (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED IT!) You now know who is going to give you the experience you crave, and booked your big day with the “It Guide” you found. Now, proud of yourself for […]

How To Be The Right Client For Your Kayak Fishing ...

Last weekend my husband and I competed against each other in a kayak fishing tournament, targeting redfish. When we first signed up, DaddyShark asked me if we were teammates, or if the rules were single-player only. I explained that we would be competing against one another, but that we could […]

Why I Compete Against My Husband

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As kayaks are taking a more front-seat role in sport fishing, and the adrenaline junkies of the angling world are grabbing a PFD and paddle, a new breed of fishing guide is emerging—even reality TV is piggybacking onto the allure of the paddle sport industry. Now, it seems as though […]


So, you want to give your favorite fishing partner a present? You love her, and last year you followed my easy instructions at Romancing The Angler on Valentines Day, because you’re a man. And manly men give women what they want. But this year you want to go bigger! Romancier. Sexier. […]

Give It In a Chug ‘n Spook Shaped Gift Box

So you’re an angler. Your daddy taught you. Your grandfather taught him. You’re teaching your son. You fish your local waters, and see the bait stations and stops are full of men just like you. The fillet tables at the docs and boat ramps are usually the cliche fishing “sausage […]

Is The New Face Of Fishing Female? YES!